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Learn how to take your wardrobe and life to the next level with ex-Hollywood stylist and Momiform™ founder, Jammie Baker. Get instant access to over 20 personal style classes , done-for-you shopping guides, a support community of like-minded women, and access to Jammie when you join the Style Society. 



You’ve taken all the personal style quizzes (or my signature Style Method Course, hey alum!), and have the basics in your wardrobe ready to roll. But when your girlfriend calls for an impromptu girls night out...you cringe because you still feel like you have nothing to wear. 


  If only you knew exactly where to shop and what to buy to elevate your wardrobe without wasting money on things you’ll never wear (or return).


Looking at you Target-aholic.

Level up your style and have women regularly asking YOU, “OMG where did you get that top from!?” when you join


The Style Society

A membership community and expert guide to an effortlessly chic wardrobe, shopping with ease, and discovering the confidence you need to look and feel your best all day everyday.


Yass, sign me up!


Because real talk? 

If your wardrobe is dictating how you show up (or don’t!) it’s not serving you or your family mama. 


Despite what stitchfix and fashion bloggers say, your style is not the accumulation of pretty clothes you save on pinterest or buy just because you like them. 

No, no, no. 

That’s why you don’t look or feel any better after you buy them.


There's an actual method to personal style if you want to curate a wardrobe that expresses YOUR style and fits YOUR unique mom life needs without a zillion returns or sacrificing comfortability for style. 

That’s why I created the Style Method and the Style Society membership. I took everything I learned from styling Hollywood a-listers and refined my process as I pursued entrepreneurship, dressing and shopping for women from around the world. 


Then after my son was born, I had one too many pity parties for myself and my new body (hello mom boobs) and decided:


Getting dressed shouldn’t take so long, being stylish doesn’t have to be so hard, and I have better things to do with my time than stay down on myself and stress about what I’m wearing everyday.



Determined not to let what I wear steal any more time and joy from me, I set out on a mission to figure out how to:


- quickly get ready everyday, 

- look stylish, 

- and still *comfortably* juggle #allthemomroles without wearing fake workout clothes everyday


I combined my years of professional styling with the practical needs of my new mom life and finally found a secret sauce that WORKED.


Our first family vacay I was more present than ever. I actually enjoyed getting dressed when I quit forcing myself into old clothes, I flirted with my husband more, finally played with my son in the pool, and for the first time in a long time..got in pictures with him. 


Clients were eating up my new outfit combination methodology and followers were constantly asking about my 5-minute makeup routine, where I shop, and how I was looking cute and  “doing it all” while also running my own business. 


And so The Style Society was born.


My one-on-one Hollywood styling methodology turned membership community for moms just like you - The Style Society is packed with shopping guides, style classes, and more for you to get the confidence you need to live your best mom life, in style.


Whether you’re looking to next-level your work from home attire or you need to bounce between corporate life and errands....let’s make shopping easy and what you buy more wearable.


Look out mama, the compliments are about to pour in...

Umm sign me up right now

When you join, you get..


  • Private Facebook group access

Invite-only access to the community of like-minded women ready to cheer you on and answer questions like, “should I wear the blue top or the black top with these pants to this birthday party this weekend?”. It’s also the education “hub” where we post about new classes, get feedback from me personally and more (see below).


  • Style classes

Access to a digital library with over 20+ existing style classes and new ones added monthly - where we teach you everything like:

  1. Discovering your body shape and buying clothes that actually fit and flatter you
  2. Nailing your work from home look and being zoom ready at all times
  3. Bra fitting...because yes, you do really need it
  4. Choosing the right accessories, 5-minute makeup routines, how to perfectly style your family photos, choosing colors that look good on you, and SO. MANY. MORE!


  • Done-for-you, shopping guides

A Style Society member fave and the best part IMHO... Done-for-you lookbooks with shoppable links and outfit recommendations. Think of it as a digital magazine of all my hand-picked pieces for different body types and styles. Flip through the pages, click on what you like, and shop directly from the ease of your phone. No more overthinking online purchases and dealing with the headache of a bajillion returns.


  • The Momiform™ Planner

A wardrobe planner to help create your style and prep your outfits for the season.


PLUS, you’ll also get:


  • The Momiform™ Hour with Jammie

Live Q&A chats with me and your chance at the member monthly “hot seat”. I go live monthly in the private Facebook group and answer all your specific questions.

Questions like:

  • “Are white shorts even a thing anymore?”
  • “I love these shoes but I have wide feet. Where should I shop?”
  • “Any belt recommendations that don’t cost a fortune?”
  • “What are the best plus size options for swimsuits?”
  • “Where can I get these bodysuits everyone is raving about? Everyone I’ve tried is too short for my long torso and gives me wedgies all day.”
  • “I’m going to a wedding this weekend - what can I wear that’s functional and comfy but not frumpy?”
  • “Has anyone tried Rothys? Are they worth the price?”



December classes inside the Style Society include:


Holiday Guide Additions: NYE Outfit Formulas + Holiday Loungewear

Winter Mini Athleisure Capsule

Winter Refresh Capsule

Member Holiday PJ Party LIVE


  What other moms are saying


“Just have to share a little feel good story about getting dressed today. I got together with a friend who’s battling cancer and she was looking so cute in her outfit so of course I complimented her. She said “you always dress so cute so I was inspired to put it on to meet up with you.” Yes! This is why I’m committed to learning more and keeping on this journey. Thank you for the help Jammie!”      - Amy J.

“Can I just say thank you to Jammie?! The confidence you have given me to try new things and embrace who I am and the style I like — it has completely changed my life!!!! So thankful for the gift that is YOU!!!”      -  Jessica G.

“OBSESSED with the new style guide! love, Love, LOVE!!! I just found out I’m going to Paris for two weeks in August, and basically all of the things I’ve bought from the spring guide and all the things I’m about to buy from the summer guide will be coming with me! Thanks so much for creating this program… I can’t say enough good things, and I talk about it/you allll the time! ”      - April B.

But I bet you might be over there thinking, 

“Sounds good Jammie, but how does this all work?”


Here’s how mama: 


1. Sign up today

 Sign up today and get instant access to the private facebook community and links to the style class library.

2. Learn & shop

Take any or all of the style classes you need to know exactly what to shop for and flip through the pages of done-for-you shopping guides to take the stress of not-knowing-what-to-buy out of online shopping

 3. Live your best mom life, in style

 Get ready in no time, love how you look, and get the confidence you need to live your best mom life, in style.

I want in!
But wait, do you still need help with the basics, mama?
Need to build your style foundation first? 


You need The Momiform™ Method Course!


Because yes, there's an actual method to finding your signature style and curating outfits you love! Your personal style masterclass and workbook combination to create  rinse-and-repeatable outfit combinations you love. 


Inside the Momiform™ Method Course, I’ll show you how to:


  • Create a Momiform™ so you can make getting dressed simple and sustainable everyday
  • Determine your personal style and curate a wardrobe for your exact mom life needs
  • Edit your closet like a pro - learn what to keep and what to ditch
  • Shop with ease and minimize returns (looking at you Amazon-aholic)
  • Measure and dress for your unique mom bod 


By the end of the course you’ll have your signature style nailed down and you’ll have a series of rinse and repeatable outfit combinations that fit and flatter so you can quickly get dressed everyday and boost your confidence. Plus you’ll know exactly what to shop for and learn the methodology behind the Momiform™ so as your seasons of motherhood shift your personal style can too.

So what’s the difference between The Momiform™ Method Course and The Style Society?


Think of The Momiform Method™ as the “defining” stage of the style process where you discover your unique style and wardrobe needs and The Style Society as the “refining” stage of the style process where you get more curious about your style and next-level your wardrobe.


In the Style Method Course, we overcome body shame and mental roadblocks alongside finding your signature style, discovering your unique body shape and size, and curating a rinse-and-repeatable outfit combination (aka your Momiform™) to make getting ready and showing up easy again. 
The Style Society is the next step to that - it’s equal parts education, community, and a shopping experience all rolled into one to refine your style and life. Think more lifestyle vs basic capsule wardrobe...like accessories, skincare, makeup, bra fittings, family photo styling, and more ...backed by a community of moms ready to cheer you on.

Enroll in The Momiform™ Method Course today and get:


-Your 70 page workbook packed with prompts, tips, a style assessment and quiz, shopping guides and more!

- Immediate access to the Momiform™ methodology and the 5 style lessons you need to curate your Momiform™ and creating a sustainable wardrobe you love

-  Bonus mini-lessons packed with all my ebriety styling tips, mom hacks, and cheat sheets to make your style one of a kind and sustainable


Click here to check out the Style Method course!



Okay so if you’re like me, you still have some questions...no shame there friend. 


Here’s what other mamas have asked 

before joining the Style Society:


  • Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! When you sign up you’ll be charged $24.99 per month. There is a 3 month minimum, then you can cancel at any time. So basically this means you’ll pay $74.97 TOTAL for instant access to the Style Society quarterly (or seasonally if you will), but broken down into 3 monthly payments of $24.99 to make it even more affordable for you. 


  • Do I have to shop?

Nope. There is no obligation to shop the done-for-you shopping guides and lookbooks. In fact, we actually preach “shopping” your own closet first ;) The shopping guides are accessible throughout your membership to get inspired, shop now, or make a wishlist for later.


  • Do I have to know my personal style before joining?

You don’t *have* to, but I do highly recommend it so you can get the most out of the style classes and shopping guides. 


  • Do you tell me what to wear?

In the done-for-you-shopping guides. I hand pick head-to-toe outfit looks from headbands to shoes. In addition, each month we host “hot seat” sessions where you can ask me anything you want. I also reply weekly to specific member comments like:  “Do you know of any good Golden Goose sneaker dupes?” and “What types of shorts do you recommend for apple shaped women with long torsos?” weekly.


  • Do I have to have Facebook?

If you want access to myself and the community then yes. Facebook is where we host live Q&A and wardrobe chats, and connect with other mamas. The style classes and shopping guides are linked separately from Facebook, but the most fun, impactful part IMHO, is inside Facebook.


  • Is this for plus size women?

Yep! This is for all moms of all shapes and sizes. The Style Society is based on the Style Method that teaches you to shop and love the body you’re in - whatever your size or season!


  • Do I have to be a mom?

No. Though styling moms is my jam, you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy all the benefits of the Momiform™ Style Society. Though I will warn you, on 3 different occasions now, members have reported getting pregnant shortly after joining. FWIW...


OMG sign me up!

It’s a total domino effect- clothes matter because you matter and you matter because showing up for your family and the community you serve matters. Style is just the cherry on top.

Don’t waste your time or money trying to buy whatever the latest look is at Target or from your favorite blogger wondering why you still don’t love how you look or feel. 


Let’s get expert advice curated to your unique mom life needs and level-up your wardrobe mama. 

The Style Society:


Your guide to dressing effortlessly chic, shopping with ease, and rocking your mom life, in style.


Private Facebook Group & Community of like-minded moms

Over 20+ Style Classes

Done-for-you shopping guides

The Momiform™ Planner

Monthly member hot seats and style advice from Jammie

Bonus classes, workshop and guide


And so much more.


Okay I'm ready!

Your Membership to Mom Life, In Style Includes:


Private Facebook group access

Style classes

Done-for-you, shopping guides

The Momiform™ Planner

The Momiform™ Hour with Jammie 


December classes inside the Style Society include:


Holiday Guide Additions: NYE Outfit Formulas + Holiday Loungewear

Winter Mini Athleisure Capsule

Winter Refresh Capsule

Member Holiday PJ Party LIVE


$24.99 per month 

Because you're ready to elevate your style

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