Getting dressed and being stylish doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, frustrating, or time-consuming


 ...and it should NEVER steal your joy or stop you from doing what you want to do!


It’s time to ditch your style shame for good and walk away from the fake gym clothes and not wanting to go out anymore because you have “nothing to wear” … (read: don’t want to be seen). 


The Momiform™ Method is a personal style masterclass made just for moms to help you discover your signature style. You'll learn how to curate mix & match outfits so you can effortlessly get dressed everyday, boost your confidence and leave a legacy your kids will be proud of.


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You know getting the confidence you need to crush your everyday goals stems from what you wear, but the thought of getting dressed stresses you the heck out and #aintnobodygottimeforallthat. 


As a mom, it feels like you have zero time for anything already, much less getting dressed and trying to look cute for the day. 


You say “it’s just a Target run” like no one will ever see you anyways, so why bother going through the hassle of finding something to wear and putting mascara on, right?? 


You slap on your yoga pants because it’s the only thing that’s remotely comfortable and convince yourself it looks like you just hit the gym (and pray that’s what everyone else is thinking too).

That solo trip to Target sounds amazing, but you remember you can actually place a pick-up order instead and not feel bad about wearing your yoga pants for the third day in a row. #winning


But is it *really* winning, mama?


I mean, don’t get me wrong...Target pick-up orders and yoga pants serve a purpose on our busiest days, PRAISE THE LORD for modern day technology and elastic for us always-on-the-go moms. 


But when our busiest days turn into months (or years) of not getting dressed, not wanting to be seen AND not feeling good about ourselves even when we stay in...it’s time to talk.


What you wear impacts how you feel and how you feel impacts what you do...or don’t do.


Quit thinking there’s “no point” in getting dressed everyday or that trying to be stylish takes too long.


Trust me, I prefer a comfy pair of yoga pants and a top knot most days of the week too.  But I prefer better mental health and showing up as my best self for my family even more.


After leaving my full-time gig styling Hollywood celebrities and becoming a mamapreneur, I hated getting dressed and what my body looked like in the clothes I had (hello new mom boobs). 


I never wanted to leave the house because getting ready was a whole time-consuming situation that only left me uncomfortable and embarrassed anyways. Finally, one day before our first family vacation, I decided there was NO WAY I was going to let what I wear steal any more of my joy OR time with my sweet baby boy.


Motherhood is too fleeting of a season to be stressed out wondering what to wear.


That’s when I set out to find what’s comfortable and practical for my unique lifestyle needs, and didn’t take me forever to get ready everyday. Then thousands of moms online started asking me how I was “doing it all” everyday. That's when I started teaching my rinse-and-repeatable outfit methodology. The Momiform™ Method was born.


OMG yes I need the Momiform™ Method

Because yes, there's an actual method to finding your signature style and curating outfits you love if you want to:


- get dressed quickly everyday,  

- feel put together and comfy in the clothes you wear, 

- and create a sustainable wardrobe (not just buying one-off outfits that still leave you saying “I have nothing to wear”)


You have to know:


1. Your Story.

You have to know WHY you want to get dressed everyday. Is it so your little girl sees you showing up more confidently and believes she can too? Are you hiding from photos and want to make more memories with your kids? Whatever it is, it’s crucial that you know and cling to this for days when you just don’t feel like getting dressed or showing up as your best self.


2. Your style. 

Your style is so much more than the pins you have saved to a style board. Not everything you love will look good on you, and if it doesn’t look good on you, you won’t wear it (or you will and you’ll be uncomfortable all day). You need to be guided by your tastes to express yourself and have fun getting ready, but also keeping in mind a few other things like...how to flatter your unique body shape.


3. Your shape. 

Knowing your shape helps you choose and use the right pieces to create a more flattering silhouette, not look bigger than you really are, or draw attention to the areas that aren’t your favorite.


4. Your size. 

Inseams, torsos and shoulder width matter. When you know the sizes of the body parts that matter most in shopping, you can minimize online returns and quit walking around adjusting your pants all day. Say goodbye to muffin tops for good with the right fit!


5. Your season. 

Bodies change and lifestyles shift. Knowing this, combined with the other elements of the Momiform™ methodology, creates a sustainable style that makes you want to get dressed everyday. Identifying your season and unique mom lifestyle needs helps you to shop smarter, love what you wear, and show up as your most confident self.


Yass I need the Momiform™ Method ASAP

Get my exact hollywood styling secrets and outfit combination methodology as a personal stylist for moms inside:


The Momiform™ Method 


Your personal style masterclass and workbook combination to create rinse-and-repeatable outfit combinations you love. I pinky-promise getting dressed in the mornings can be quick and fun - and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort!


Inside the Momiform™ Method, I’ll show you how to:


  • Create a Momiform™ so you can make getting dressed simple and sustainable everyday
  • Determine your personal style and curate a wardrobe for your exact mom life needs
  • Edit your closet like a pro - learn what to keep and what to ditch
  • Shop with ease and minimize returns (looking at you Amazon-aholic)
  • Measure and dress for your unique mom bod 


Let’s create a mix-and-match outfit combination that boosts your confidence and has you pumped to tackle anything from the playroom to the boardroom.


What’s inside:


1. The Momiform™ Method Workbook

70+ pages packed with prompts, guides, tips and tricks to put the Momiform™ Method to work. You’ll map out everything from your goals and measurements to taking a fun style quiz and creating your rinse-and-repeatable outfit combinations (aka your Momiform™). 


2. Discovering your why & your signature mom style

Learn how to get your mindset right, set goals, and kick off curating your Momiform™ by discovering a signature style that's stylish, practical, and comfortable for Y.O.U.


3. Dressing for your unique lifestyle & Style board design

Uncover your needs, whether it’s looking more profesh at work or showing up for playdates with more comfort and style. In this lesson, you’ll find your signature style and create an actual style board to guide you throughout your Momiform™ journey and to help you quit comparing yourself to everyone else.


4. Editing your closet

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of “nothing to wear" when you figure out exactly what to keep and ditch in your closet. You’ll learn everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to simplify your closet and take the overwhelm out of outfit decision making.


5. Create your Momiform™ and mix and match outfits like a pro

You’ll learn the anatomy of a great outfit and the art of mixing and matching your basic outfit pieces so you can repurpose them for any occasion and feel all Jennifer Anniston wherever you go.


6. Curating and shopping for your Momiform™

From how to shop your existing closet to done-for-you shopping lists and store guides by style type...you’ll walk away empowered to shop smarter, return less, and buy things you actually need and want to wear everyday.


By the end of the course you’ll have your signature style nailed down and you’ll have a series of rinse-and-repeatable outfit combinations that fit and flatter so you can quickly get dressed everyday and boost your confidence. 


Plus, you'll know the methodology behind the Momiform™ and know know exactly what to shop for, so as your seasons of motherhood shift - your personal style can too.




Because I am so passionate about this mama. When you join today you’ll also get my top two styling tools to compliment the Momiform™ Method including:


Bonus 1:  Mom Shopping Guide

 A done-for-you, seasonal checklist for you to shop from and prep for your next shopping trip


Bonus 2:  Momiform™ Style Planner

Your virtual outfit planner app so you can literally plan and see your outfits before wearing them. Remember the movie Clueless when Cher looks through her “virtual closet” and pieces together her outfit for the day? It’s like that. 


Bonus 3:  The Ultimate Denim Guide for Moms

In this masterclass you'll learn how to shop for jeans, how to find the perfect fit, and how to choose the best style for your shape. You'll also download a roadmap to help you find your perfect pair of jeans.


OMG sign me up already!

I mean, just look at what these other moms are saying (and wearing):

Jessica, wife and mom of two

“Jammie makes you feel like she’s the friend you want in your corner telling you that you are perfect just the way you are. She doesn’t try to change you, doesn’t try to make you into something you aren’t— but essentially meets you exactly where you are with what you need for YOUR life. Often we see so many things, outfits, plans, Pinterest pins.. that are for someone else’s life, and it’s hard to see how that can work for you when you’re dealing with kids, spouses, jobs, etc. Jammie gives a personalized approach to this thing called styling and takes it from an overwhelming task to a simple formula that you feel confident using in your everyday life!”

Morgan, wife and mama of one

“Jammie Baker has literally changed my life. As a plus size women and a plus size momma I have struggled to find clothes to make me feel beautiful, clothes that are functional and clothes that are in my budget. I was hesitant in having “her” help me, I mean really, how does Jammie know what a plus size women wear. I was totally wrong. Jammie picked amazing items... some that I had to be persuaded to try on and then ended up loving and BUYING. Not only did she pick perfect outfits, she taught me tips and tricks to help me dress better which has led me to feeling better, having more confidence and in the end loving myself. Being a women is hard, being a mom is super hard but looking good makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Thank you Jammie Baker.”

Jana, wife and mama of two

“Jammie is every mom's fairy godmother. I've gotten to know Jammie through brainstorming sessions as mom bosses and by attending her Mom's Night Out at James River Winery. Going through motherhood with a cutie of her own, she understands the daily struggles of carving out time for yourself and the sheer exhaustion that accompanies having little ones. However, having been a stylist in all the fancy places, she also knows how important it is to dress for your personal style and to feel good in your clothes and in your skin. After all, confidence is a girl's best friend. Jammie is so experienced and amazing at what she does, but she is so approachable and warm. She makes everyone feel like a close friend and wants to genuinely lift moms up so we can get ready in the max 5 minutes that we have in the mornings, but feel good about ourselves and ready to conquer the day. Not only is she approachable in her communication, she also makes fashion accessible by shopping at everyday places (like Target!)  and helping curate closets that are stylish but also affordable to the average mom. Last but not least, as a small business owner myself, I have to say I love that Jammie supports the community and works with a lot of small boutiques in the area to style her clients as well. If you have a chance to do a Mom's Night Out with Jammie - do it, you will love it. She packs a ton of tips into a short time and you come out with a clearer vision of what help you need. For me, it was that I started cleaning out my closet, and signing up to have Jammie to style me completely!”


Enroll in The Momiform™ Method course today and get:


-Your 70 page workbook packed with prompts, tips, a style assessment and quiz, shopping guides and more!

- Immediate access to the Momiform™ methodology and the 5 style lessons you need to curate your Momiform™ and creating a sustainable wardrobe you love

-  Bonus mini-lessons packed with all my celebrity styling tips, mom hacks, and cheat sheets to make your style one of a kind and sustainable


Join today for a one time payment of $247


And if you’re thinking “Ya, but Jammie I still have questions.” 

Peep what hundreds of other mamas have asked before joining. 




  • Is this course like how to build a capsule wardrobe?

It’s like a capsule wardrobe in the sense of choosing the best staples to start your wardrobe with, but not like how fashion bloggers say “Buy these exact 5 things and you’ll be all set!” It goes deeper into the mindset and methodology you need to fit and flatter YOUR body type, shape, and practical needs all while adding and exploring your personal style. That way, you get a sustainable wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed everyday and not just 5 new pieces that still make you say “I have nothing to wear” when you open up your closet. 


  • Are there refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course, we do not offer refunds for The Momiform™ Method course. 


  • What’s the difference between The Momiform™ Method Course and The Momiform™ Style Society?

Think of The Momiform™ Method as the “defining” stage of the style process where you discover your unique style and wardrobe needs and The Momiform™ Style Society as the “refining” stage of the style process where you get more curious about your style and next-level your wardrobe. 

In the Momiform™ Method Course, we overcome body shame and mental roadblocks. We find your signature style, discover your unique body shape and size, and curate a rinse-and-repeatable outfit combination (aka your Momiform™) to make showing up and getting ready easy again.

The Momiform™ Style Society is the next step to that - it’s equal parts education, community, and a shopping experience all rolled into one to refine your style and life. Think shopping and next-leveling your personal style vs creating a more basic capsule wardrobe...like accessories, skincare, makeup, bra fittings, family photo styling, and more ...backed by a community of moms ready to share their own Momiform™ adventures and cheer you on.


  • Do I have to shop?

Nope. There is no obligation to shop the done-for-you shopping guides and lookbooks. In fact, we actually recommend “shopping” your own closet first. ;) The shopping guides are accessible throughout the course to get inspired, shop now, or make a wishlist for later.


  • Do I have to know my personal style before joining?

Not at all! I help you discover exactly what your personal style (and secondary style) is.


  • Do you tell me what to wear?

While I don’t hand-pick outfit pieces for you in this course, I arm you with everything you need and TONS of done-for-you examples that work best for each unique body shape and style so you can shop and rock your wardrobe with total confidence.


  • Is this for plus size women?

Yep! This is for all moms of all shapes and sizes. The Momiform™ Method teaches you exactly what to look for in your unique size and preaches dressing and loving the body you’re in - whatever your size or season!


  • Do I have to be a mom?

No. Though styling moms is my jam, you don’t have to be a mom to reap all the benefits of the Momiform™ Method. Though I will warn you, on 3 different occasions now, members have reported getting pregnant after rocking their new Momiform™.  Just saying.. 


  • How long does the course take to complete?

The Momiform™ Method is a self-paced course so you can complete it as quick or slow as you’d like. I recommend taking your time with each lesson and task to learn as much about your needs, body, and shape as possible to maximize results. That said, on average most moms complete the course in a week or two.


I’m in, sign me up!

Still don’t believe me? Don’t just take my word for it or trust all the cute mom pics on here… research shows that what you wear can actually change the way you think and what you do.


What renowned psychologists and studies are saying...


“What you wear affects you psychologically. It can profoundly alter your mood. It also influences how others respond to you. And the visual illusion created by cut and fabric dramatically changes the appearance of your body. Your clothes can affect your job prospects, your love life and even your self-image.”

Karen PineProfessor of Psychology and author of
Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion


“But clothes don’t just shape the way other people see us. New research … finds that the clothes we wear can also influence the way we think.”

PsychologicalScience.org, When Clothing Style Influences Cognitive Style 



“The question is not whether you care about fashion, it’s more about what you’re communicating intentionally or unconsciously through your fashion choices.”

Inc.com, Research Shows That the Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform

 Because my why? It’s you. 


You deserve more than just the wardrobe upgrade mama, you deserve the life upgrade that comes with it.


So if you’re ready to not just look cute but:


  • Kick style shame and negative body image to the curb…
  • Feel confident and empowered to leave the house, show up for zoom calls, or just feel like a celeb running errands...
  • Quit comparing yourself to every other mom or female around you
  • Be more joyful and present with your kids, make more memories with them, and actually want to get in photos with them…
  • Leave the “hot mess” mom culture behind…


Then you’re ready for a Momiform™.



The Momiform™ Method


-Your 70 page workbook packed with prompts, tips, your style assessment and quiz, shopping guides and more!

- Immediate access to the Momiform™ methodology and the 5 style lessons you need to curate your Momiform™ and create a sustainable wardrobe you love.

- Bonus mini-lessons packed with all my celebrity styling tips, mom hacks, and cheat sheets to make your style one-of-a-kind and sustainable.


Join today for a one time payment of $247


A Personal Style Course for Moms

Normally $297. Promotional Price of $247 for a limited time. 


The Momiform™ Method is a self paced video and workbook course. The course is designed to be taken over 5 weeks but you can complete it faster or slower if you like.


What you will learn:

-How to make style simple + sustainable

-How to determine your personal style + curate a wardrobe that you love

-How to show up as your best self for mom life, work life, and everything in between


The 5 Style Sessions will cover:

-> Determining Your Personal Style + Your Why + Your Body Shape

-> Dressing For Your Lifestyle

-> The Closet Edit

-> Your Ideal Outfit Formulas

-> Curating Your Momiform™

-> Plus bonuses!

Jammie Baker is a former Hollywood stylist turned mamapreneur and founder of the Momiform™. She’s on a mission to teach moms how to elevate their everyday life through the power of their wardrobe. When she’s not helping moms get their life back,  you can find her loving on her sweet babes, Max and Olivia, and her soulmate, Glen. Jammie lives her best mom life with impromptu beach trips, whipping up healthy meals from Trader Joe’s, and playing “fixer upper” flipping houses around Richmond, Virginia.

Because you're ready to live mom life, in style

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